About Us

We constantly work towards being the “Business Solutions partner of choice”; a leader Southern African market providing robust solutions to meet our customer needs. Our vision reads as follows: “Kakanyo aims to be a world class provider of innovative business and information technology solutions that enhance the performance of our customers.” Kakanyo is an African company whose proud association with vendors and customers has helped it transcend boundaries. Kakanyo knows no boundaries.

Our History

Kakanyo Business Solutions (Kakanyo) was founded early in 2004 with the purpose of providing tailored business services and turnkey IT solutions to the South African private and public sectors. Beginning as a specialist Business Intelligence (BI) consultancy, Kakanyo has grown into other complementary areas including Business Process Management (BPM), Programme and Project Management and end-to-end ICT software and infrastructure services and solutions.
With a solid foundation to help shape its future the company maintains its status as a good corporate citizen and is perceived as such by the business community.

Kakanyo’s consultants are professional and come with solid experience and expertise in the ICT industry. They are experts in their fields, with the right attitude to match, and the organisation is continuously growing its skills base through the best talent available in the market. We are proud of our development programme for upcoming talent through our e-Skills Academy, which ensures effective mentoring and skills tranfer. Kakanyo is a forward looking, black-owned South African company with a young, dynamic and motivated staff – ensuring a bright future. Kakanyo boasts a Level 1 Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) rating and subscribes fully to its principles.

The organisation has enjoyed steady growth since its inception in 2004, evolving from a start-up to a well-established organisation with a vast skillset and experience in the successful delivery of business and information solutions through, people, processes and technology platforms.

Business Statement

The vision at Kakanyo is to become “A world class provider of innovative business and information solutions that enhance the performance of our customers”. A performance driven approach to business is most effective when we can generate insight from business activities, and use that insight to further optimise our business activities. This ensures that performance improvements are continuous. Kakanyo Business Solutions has very competent expertise in realizing business benefits for its clients by delivering scalable, high-impact and adaptable solutions. We understand what it takes to successfully use leading technology capabilities to deliver value to the business to organizations with a wide range of requirements.

By sharing ownership in our small, medium and large corporate clients’ strategic requirements, we maximize operating effectiveness through highly developed systems, cost efficiency, an integrated approach and specialist technology skills. The goal of Kakanyo is to help our clients strengthen their governance, risk and compliance measures and increase shareholder value through the alignment of business processes with business intelligence; by leveraging ICT as an enabler. We can show you how to maximize your efforts and assist you in managing effective initiatives that you have identified will give your company a competitive edge.

In order to be successful, the requirements of our prospective clientele have to be accurately analysed in advance so that the most suitable solution will be developed to fulfil their requirements and help them meet their objectives. Through our partnerships with leading South African and International software vendors we are able to offer the best possible solution using the latest tools available in the market.
Key to our success is customer advocacy, this means much more than just an understanding of what the customer requires, but what the customer wants to achieve. A strong management consulting competency complements this with best practices across management, technology and governance functions.

Kakanyo has a bright future. Each new dawn brings an avalanche of new ideas and opportunities to succeed. We continue our quest to be a company that:

Operates as a true global enterprise, while remaining true to its strong Southern African roots
Earns customer loyalty, supplier commitment, and competitors’ respect in the industry
Is a dynamic pioneer in customer focus, innovation, technology and quality by adjusting to shifting customer expectations
Offers excellent returns to its stakeholders and shareholders by becoming a profitability powerhouse with emphasis on good Corporate governance
Becomes the best employer through good relations with its employees
Is a valued member of every community in which it operates, and contributes significantly to society and the environment

The methodology that we have adopted works for all size of projects – big or small. We do not allow the methodology to slow us down nor do we hide behind the methodology to unnecessarily prolong project time lines. As a growing organisation, our size allows us to be highly flexible and adaptive according to the client needs to reduce project overheads. Our aim is to ensure the best solution is delivered at the best possible cost in the shortest time possible. The approach to the left is tailored to fit the needs, environment and constraints of the customer, so that each organisational aspect of a successful implementation is catered for.

This approach gives us control over risk, cost scope and quality and benefits the customer with a solution that has high impact and delivers quick returns. We can show you how to maximize your budget and assist you in creating a sustainable solution that will give your company a competitive edge. By partnering with our clients to fully understand their needs, we maximise our engagement effectiveness through highly developed systems, cost efficiency and our flexible approach.

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